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Getting the treatment you need couldn’t be easier with our online service. The Virtual Slimming Clinic provides a confidential online prescribing service. Our medical team are experienced and trained to assess your suitability to receive treatment, and all medicines are dispensed by a UK registered pharmacy, using only medicines supplied by reputable manufacturers.

The consultation process is simple and confidential, and should you have any questions, you can contact our friendly support team.

Our Weight Loss

Treatment Options

Overweight and obesity is a significant health issue in the UK, affecting around two-thirds of adults. It is a major contributor to heart disease and diabetes.

Weight loss medicines, when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise programme, can be effective in helping you reach a healthy weight.

See below for our choice of treatments available. Please note, before receiving any medication you must first complete a medical questionnaire to assess your suitability. Responses are reviewed by registered UK Prescribers before a final decision is made. All medication is dispensed via a fully regulated and registered UK pharmacy.

Prices displayed include the cost for your consultation; the medication, postage and support.

Skinny Pen (Daily)

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1 Pen

  • Total : £130

2 Pens

  • Total : £240

3 Pens

  • Total : £330

4 Pens

  • Total : £400

5 Pens

  • Total : £450

How many pens will you need per month?

The number of pens you will need each month will depend entirely on the dose required each day to suppress your hunger and control your cravings (we refer to this as “the desired outcomes”).

EVERYONE starts on a dose of 0.6mg daily for the first week.

If you are still feeling hungry and have cravings at the end of that time, then you increase to the next dose on the scale for a further week. This pattern is continued on a weekly basis, until you find the daily dose that effectively achieves “the desired outcomes”.

See below to compare the difference in the daily doses used, and the number of injectable days per pen on that dose. This will determine the number of pens you will then need each month to continue treatment.

Now compare these costs to those of  Skinny Pen Plus – which clinical trials show is 3-times more effective.


  • You will require 1 pen per month
  • Cost £130
  • £30 per week


  • You will require 2 pens per month
  • Cost £240
  • £55.38 per week


  • You will require 3 pens per month
  • Cost £330
  • £76.15


  • You will require 4 pens per month
  • Cost £400
  • £92.31 per week


  • You will require 5 pens per month
  • Cost £450
  • £103.85 per week

Skinny Pen Plus (Weekly)

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1 Pen

  • Total : £230
  • 4 weeks treatment
  • £57.50 per week

2 Pens

  • Total : £420
  • 8 weeks treatment
  • £52.50 per week

3 Pens

  • Total : £570
  • 12 weeks treatment
  • £47.50 per week

Start your weight loss journey today

NB: All treatment options are subject to the completion and assessment of a medical consultation form

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