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If you are struggling with weight loss, feel like you have tried every diet and exercise plan or slimming club, but can’t reach and maintain your weight loss goals, then our medically supervised weight loss programme is here to help.

The Virtual Slimming Clinic makes it easy for you to start on medical weight loss treatments that work and are undertaken in conjunction with diet and exercise advice. Our weight management programme will help you to safely lose weight, alongside providing support and guidance from a team of medical professionals to help you to keep the weight off. It could not be simpler with our online booking form for a consultation for weight control to get you started on your weight loss journey.

We provide a confidential, one-to-one consultation with a medical prescriber alongside a discrete online prescribing service, subject to your suitability for any medical treatments following full assessment of your medical history and your current Body Mass Index (BMI).

Our medical team are experienced and trained in weight management and obesity. They can assess your suitability to receive medical treatments following completion of a medical questionnaire and a discussion with you about the available treatment options over the telephone or video call. This may or may not lead to the prescription of medical treatments for weight loss. All prescription medicines are dispensed by a UK registered pharmacy, using only medicines supplied by reputable manufacturers.

The consultation process is simple and confidential, but should you have any questions, you can contact our friendly support team to discuss what to expect.

A Simple Process

Starting a medical weight loss programme has never been easier with our simple online consultation service


Obesity and an increasingly overweight population pose a significant health crisis in the UK, affecting around two-thirds of adults. It is a major contributor to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many cancers. The NHS is struggling to cope with the numbers of people seeking help with weight loss, and in many areas, there are few options now available through the public health service. The causes and the science behind obesity are much more complex than you might think at first glance.

Weight loss medicines, when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise programme, are licensed in the UK and can be effective in helping you reach a healthy weight. It is important, however, that you seek medical advice and guidance with this to ensure safety and support along the way, all of which you will receive when you book your consultation to start your journey towards controlling your weight with The Virtual Slimming Clinic.

The process is simple. First you must complete a medical questionnaire which helps us to learn more about your health and lifestyle so we can assess your suitability for the treatments available within our weight loss programme. A UK registered medical prescriber will review your responses and make arrangements with you to discuss your treatment options over the telephone or during a video consultation. Only then will a final decision be made, which may or may not include prescribing and dispensing the medication to you. All medication is dispensed via a fully regulated and registered UK pharmacy.

The cost of your one-to-one medical consultation for weight loss treatment is included with your initial weight loss programme purchase. Medical weight loss treatments start from less than £25 per week (depending on which medication is prescribed, and the dose you need to manage your hunger and cravings) and includes the cost of dispensing and posting the medication from the pharmacy for your treatment, alongside full medical support from The Virtual Slimming Clinic team whilst you are on our weight loss programme.

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NB: All treatment options are subject to the completion of a medical questionnaire and assessment by a medical prescriber

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